Anita’s Crafting Cavern Candy

Anita is offering a selection of goodies from her new shop as blog candy, and it’s well worth a visit. There’s a free gift with every order, postage is great, and calculated by weight, so you don’t end up with the ridiculously over-charged for a single packet of stickers.
And, wonder of wonders, delivery is speedy, YAY!! Am I the only person getting fed up with craft sites taking a week to process orders? Thank goodness for smaller sites that still have the personal touch and realise that once we’ve ordered something, we want it quickly 🙂
Anita’s Crafting Cavern blog
Anita’s Crafting Cavern shop


3 Responses to “Anita’s Crafting Cavern Candy”

  1. Torpenhow07 Says:

    Susan pop along to my blog if you have time as i have left something there for you

  2. anita Says:

    I have a surprise and have tagged you ~ sorry

  3. anita Says:


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